Classic retro Oakley eyewear – Oakley Frogskins sunglasses

Sunglass hut pay tribute to the classic Oakley glasses, take you to understand the retro classic Oakley sunglasses, in popular culture, there is an era is unique. At that time, Reagan served as president, “Terminator” at the box office victory, Run-D.M.C. The band won the Golden Record Award, also in this era, Oakley glasses launched a unique sunglasses series Frogskins.

Founded in 1975 by Jim Jannard, Oakley brand, has been known for high-tech, intelligent, high-performance, fashion. Frogskins is one of Oakley fashion retro sunglasses, the early 80’s style in this series has been interpreted most vividly.

Frogskins series, the color dazzling, classic retro models, by the young fashion people who love. In order to more close to the audience, Oakley glasses with a series of trends in the brand launched a close cooperation. In 2009, Oakley eyewear and Primitive shop in Los Angeles Encino created by legendary skateboarder Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod), launched a classic limited edition Frogskins mirror models. The glasses with the famous rock band Metallica 1984 album “Ride the Lightning” cover design as the theme, from black, purple, dark blue to transparent gradient color to create and satin with the same theme of the design to make packaging, not only elegant, And superior quality.

In 2011, Oakley Frogskins and France well-known design brand BKRW cooperation, to create cool extraordinary joint glasses, shine throughout the summer. In 2013, Oakley glasses and Japan’s brand mastermind JAPAN launched a series of cooperation, published a cool low-key Frogskins series of joint sunglasses. Last year, Oakley glasses together with well-known shoes brand SneakerPolitics specially customized a Forgskins joint sunglasses, youthful dynamic, deeply sought after by fashionable people. Recently, Oakley glasses with well-known badminton player Lin Dan, create a new Frogskins series. Lin Dan participate in the design of glasses, dark red camouflage pattern with matte texture integrated frame, stylish appearance wrapped in a low-key tough military style, very eye-catching.

Classic will never fade, worthy of being forever loved, timeless Oakley Frogskins, with its shining colors, sketch out the countless youthful colors. Fashion legend is still continuing.

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